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Introduction to Facebook Groups

Growing your Business with Facebook Groups


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Why Facebook Groups ?

More than 1 billion people around the world are part of a Facebook Group. Businesses are increasingly seeing the Facebook platform as an effective way to build online community and future ongoing relationships with their clients. A community can contribute to the growth of many areas of your business. It is a way to build trust, give value, offer support, acquire new clients and in some cases fuel product innovation.

If you'd like to get an insight into Facebook Groups this is the course for you.


Your host
Claire Perry-Louise

Claire Perry-Louise is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, author, coach and speaker. She is a pioneer in the area of community building in business. She believes that community building is the future for businesses who need to uncover a sustainable way to engage with their clients at a deeper level.


Get an overview of how Facebook Groups can work for your business from an expert in community building

Course Outline

A short video based course hosted by Claire, sharing her insights into Facebook Groups and giving an overview of the basics to get started

Introduction to Facebook Groups

  • What's the vision?
  • Who are you creating a Facebook Community for? Finding your ideal member.

Getting Started

  • Facebook Page v Facebook Group what is the difference and which do you need.
  • 3 types of Facebook Groups - which should you choose?
  • Creating your group - how to do it.
  • First steps to take when creating your group.
  • Setting yourself up for Success
  • Content - what type of content should you be creating to spark engagement
  • Next steps to take in your Facebook Group

Engagement and Growth Case Study

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