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More than 1 billion people around the world are part of a Facebook Group. Businesses are increasingly seeing the Facebook platform as an effective way to build online community and future ongoing relationships with their clients. A community can contribute to the growth of many areas of your business. It is a way to build trust, give value, offer support, acquire new clients and in some cases fuel product innovation.

However, the number one problem that community builders have is lack of engagement. Why? Many Facebook groups are started up for the wrong reasons, they have no clear idea about who they are for, they are set up incorrectly, without any strategy and the owners have no idea what content they should be producing, when this content should be shared or how to optimise the community they are building to reach their business objectives.

Furthermore, they are unaware of the risks of building communities on Facebook and have no idea how they should be creating an ecosystem of other products to support their group.

On top of this, they don’t know what tools they could be using, many of them free, which would help them create engaging content and how they can get deeper insights into their community which would help fuel engagement.

Claire, would like to help visionary business leaders with this process. She is a strong advocate of building communities in support of your business objectives and currently Facebook Groups, as a platform, is an amazing way to start a community.


What you will master by participating in the Facebook Group training?

It's important to focus your time and attention in the right places and so I want you to know the topics that we will be covering during the course.

The live training sessions are fluid though and if questions are asked I will answer them.

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Week 1

Facebook Groups 101

The outcome of week 1 is a fully optimised Facebook Group, which will be set up correctly, on brand and you will have the tools you need to ensure that on launch or relaunch you can create active engagement within the group. In the first week we will start to address the question of community strategy and how you can use a Facebook Group as part of a wider strategy to reach any business objectives you may have in respect of your community.

The topics we will cover in week 1 include :-

* Facebook Group Set Up Essentials

* A worksheet which will address the components that need addressing to build a successful group.

* Defining success, what are you looking to achieve and the actions you need to take to achieve this.

* The difference between a Page and a Group. Which do you need? What are the main advantages and disadvantages of both.

* Public, Closed or Secret? Which is right for me?

* Who are your potential members? We will uncover them.

* Set up best practices - the steps you need to create the most optimised group.

* How to write the best description for your group

* How to create a FB Group which supports your business, looks attractive and is easily discovered.

* Tools and Software - I’ll share all the tools and software I use which can help you run an active and engaged group.

Week 2

Value and Purpose

You now know the basics around setting up your Facebook Group but running a community takes a lot of time, effort and commitment so this week we will go through a process to look at the value you are intending to create and how this meets your business objectives.
Topics under discussion this week and to be worked through are :-
* Why will this Facebook Group be valuable to your business?

* Is Facebook the right platform for you?

* How to create a member persona for your FB community.

* Why will a Facebook Group be valuable to its members?

* How to create a research plan to set you up for success and an engaged Facebook Community.

* By the end of this week, you will be able to answer, why members will be motivated to participate in your community.

* Deep dive into 10 separate ways to make a business impact with your community and looking at social impact too.

* How to create trust in your community to fuel member engagement and create an open and safe environment.

* Addressing the importance of vision, mission and values and looking at relevant case studies which will help you build your own.

* How to create your community voice.

* By the end of week 2 you will be clear on your Facebook Group’s community value proposition and how you can monetise it and engage with your members.

Week 3

Growth and Engagement

Engagement starts with value.

The following topics will be covered, this week will build on what we have learnt in Weeks 1 and 2 :-

* How to effectively launch a Facebook Group for engagement.

* We will also look at a basic member journey to map out just how your members will participate in your Facebook Group.

* Methods to move a member from not knowing about your community to becoming an engaged member.

* High level methods to map the type of content required for every member of your community, regardless of when they joined.

* This week you will learn the 4 key steps to the creation of an engaged community.

* How to develop trust in your FB community so that members feel able to share and connect with others.

* 3 steps to use to get members to participate

* Types of content you should be creating and how to maximise engagement on them.

* Engagement worksheets to complete with examples to help.

* 10 unique steps to grow your Facebook Group

* Actions you need to take to help members engage in your group from the start.

* Creating content for success, the types of content you need to be creating and the frequency

By the end of this module you will be in a position to create your own content calendar of posts. You will have key ideas about how to more effectively engage your audience and grow your group.

Week 4

Content, Maintenance of your Community, Data & Reporting, Budget

This week we will deep dive into the creation of specific content which will fuel member engagement because it is directly relevant to that member. We will also look at how you can manage your community effectively . Data collection and reporting and addressing costs.
Topics to be discussed include:-

* Creating the right type of content, with specific examples

* Three types of content you need to be creating

* How to get members to engage and write the type of content that is valuable to the group.

* How to plan your content.

* Who runs your community and how you can free help to help run it

* Software tools to improve your insights into group activity.

* Are you aware of the risks of building your community on Facebook?

* The future, what other platforms should you consider?

* Measuring success within your community, are you reaching your objectives?

* Budget, how much is running a community going to cost you?

Week 5

Monetising your community and Q & A

* The different ways that you can monetise your Facebook Group

* Exploring case studies where Facebook Groups have been successfully monetised.

* Finally, I will outline a process whereby you can create a paid membership site by using your Facebook Group.

* Visioning your future



We will be covering a lot of content in the course and while there will be time for questions during weeks 5 and 6.

This may take the form of hot seating, pre-submitted questions or just free flow discussion.

This just depends on the group dynamic but whichever format it takes, you will get a lot of value from these sessions.

Week 6

Summary of Key Course Learnings and Q & A


 * Summarising the key learnings from the six week course and the framework for moving forward.

Questions and Answers

Another opportunity to have your questions answered.



Course Format

This is interactive group coaching. Claire takes the lead but there will be opportunities for questions to be asked.  Why? Well because the questions others ask are often the ones we want to know the answers to too!

Course Structure Summary & Bonus

6 week coaching package

4 weekly live video teaching calls

Once per week for four consecutive weeks, I will be holding a live video call where I’ll be teaching the core content as outline above. This content will immediately be followed up by a live question and answers session where you can give realtime feedback about the topics discussed and ask any specific questions relevant to the group. If you can’t be there live, all videos will be recorded and immediately available. Even if you are late you can easily catch up and watch them at your leisure. You will also be able to submit questions ahead of the live training, if you know you can't make it or are going to be late.

2 weeks of Q&A sessions

We have a lot of content to cover in the 4 weeks and while Claire will address as many questions as possible during the sessions, after the 4 weeks, there will be 2 bonus weeks to cover any questions you want to ask, to be answered in a group setting.

Access to a Secret Facebook Group for Course Attendees Only

Building a community of committed leaders is an amazing way to accelerate learning and collaborate with others on the same journey. During the duration of the course Claire will be actively available in the group for further specific questions.

Worksheets, Exercises and Resources Lists

As a course attendee, you will be able to access worksheets and exercises as personally created by Claire. These will be available for download, so you can fill them in and create a real strategy for your Facebook Group. Claire will also share all the software resources that she personally uses and which help her keep her active Facebook group engaged.


Pre-recorded mini-course introduction to Facebook Groups :-
Includes videos by Claire sharing key concepts, hacks and engagement essentials.
Screen recordings walking through the exact steps you need to take to create engaging content and maximise your groups impact.

"Claire & I are aligned on our thoughts around how a business becomes more financially successful when you build ongoing relationships with your clients and the way she has really structured her product as a relationship building tool is massively impressive "

Daniel Priestley
Co-Founder of Dent Global Best Selling Author of 24 Assets, Key Person of Influence & Entrepreneur Revolution

"You were great Claire - a privilege to have you at The Lead Gen Summit. Facebook groups and the wider communities conversation is so vital, it was great to bring your cutting edge thought leadership to our network. "

Richard Woods
Co-Founder of Yomp Award winning entrepreneur, BBC's Apprentice finalist, Speaker, Radio presenter & Bestselling Author

"Claire, you are amazing, basically without your mentoring programme, I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing "

Stephanie Chivers
Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of ichange.com which runs an engaged and active FB Group to support her community

"Working with Claire, quickly and massively impacted the engagement in my Facebook Group. She provides enormous value and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with her "

Tania Diggory
Entrepreneur and Founder of ThisisCalmer.com and the Facebook Group Calmer Community

"Claire understands that building a strong culture is the foundation for building engaged and inspired communities and creating the most productive work environments. She is a joy to be around and I am sure she has a few tricks up her sleeve because I taught them to her!"

Robert Richman
Culture Architect & Former Strategist at Zappos

"... from the perspective of someone who has attended her course. I have been around and attended a number of different courses for marketing and how to use social media ... all of which were similar versions of each other but all of which also left me something that was missing ... which was the "human factor" ... and I was bored with being "talked at" out of Facebook pages ... and then i came across Claire Perry-Louise and her work ... the differences were intriguing not least because to begin with "all" that was going on was we were having conversations ... no pitch, no hidden agenda .. totally relaxed and also really enjoyable because of who she is ... and then as our conversations moved on it became clear that her community building was THE thing that was missing ... so i attended one of her courses. As a result, my business now has a heart and a soul ... if this was a bricks and mortar company, it would be where everyone goes to have a coffee together and chats, exchanges ideas and (just as in the bricks and mortar example) there are those who talk, those who listen and those who are just finding their way .. suddenly however, there is this one thing that cannot be created any other way ... relationship ...and when you have that, then you don't just have a group, you have a community. Without doubt, Claire's work is ahead of the curve. Look at what Mark Zuckerberg is talking about regarding Facebook and you will see that where you want to position yourself is ahead of the curve ... in which case, Claire's coaching, courses etc, I believe, are unequalled. I would like to add, I am not receiving anything for leaving this post ... I write this because there is one other thing ... this work building communities is really really needed in a world that is going through possibly the biggest transition of all time. "

Paul Hornsey-Pennell
Author of Surfing the Techno- Tsunami and Facebook Group Mentee

"You are brilliant. Thank you. Super super helpful."

Amanda C Watts
Best Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur & Coach www.amandacwatts.com

"I'm still working my way through Claire's course and loving doing so with her encouragement and support. She has real knowledge and experience in this crucial area - highly recommended!"

Julia McCutchen
Mentor, Teacher, Author and founder of the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW). www.juliamccutchen.com

"Creating my Facebook Group is soooo much fun and so much easier now that I have a clearer vision of my group's purpose and that's just after one week of deep work! Thank you so much Claire"

Florence Turiaf
FB Group Mentee & Founder of The Naturally Flowing, a holistic lifestyle and travel blog www.thenaturallyflowing.com

Recordings of the training now available for immediate access!

If you have questions during the training, no worries! You will have access to the secret FB group run by Claire and questions will be answered by Claire directly as you participate in the programme.

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Facebook Group Training

All the modules as outlined above

Includes how to create maximum engagement and how to monetise your group

Over 10 hours of video training




Access to a secret FB Group

Bonus - pre-recorded video mini course on the essentials of Facebook Groups

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One payment

Facebook Group Training

All the modules as outlined above

Includes how to create maximum engagement and how to monetise your group.

Over 10 hours of video training

Access to Secret FB Group



Resources list

Bonus - pre-recorded video mini course on the essentials of Facebook Groups

Sign up now for immediate access

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Everything in the FB Groups 6 week course

Bonus pre recorded video mini introduction to Facebook Groups


3 month Community Set up for Success

Claire will work with you personally to build a unique strategy to launch and engage your Facebook Group.

Additional Weekly 1 Hour Coaching Calls with Claire

Claire will personally engage in your group in the first 3 months to create the engagement required to reach your business objectives.

Personalised support and mentorship to reduce your workload and learning curve

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Claire has gained her expertise in community building over a number of years. She is dedicated to your journey and she intends to make the experience as fulfilling for you as possible. It's important to know that building community is a long term commitment as is any other meaningful connection. That said if within the first two weeks of the course you think Claire cannot help you, then she will happily give you a refund. All that she asks is that you submit the completed worksheets from the first two weeks and then get on a call with her, to express what is not working and why. If Claire can not overcome your obstacles then she will happily give you a refund, no questions asked.


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