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Claire Perry-Louise is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, author, coach and speaker. She is a pioneer in the area of community building in business. She believes that community building is the future for businesses who need to uncover a sustainable way to engage with their clients at a deeper level. She is dedicated to the message that culture and community are deeply intertwined and by focusing on both these facets, visionary business leaders can create enterprises that provide long term value to their clients while creating a culture that supports their employees.

Since 2013 she has been focused on evolving these concepts. This has taken her on a varied journey, which has involved her leading workshops, giving keynotes around the world and connecting and building relationships with some of the leading visionaries and entrepreneurs in the world. She founded EthosCx to support her vision.

Claire has a deep understanding and expertise in culture and community building. Recently, she was described as being five years ahead of her time in terms of her message. Claire is thrilled about a recent opportunity she has been given to head up the culture and community division of an exciting initiative, which will transform a respected industry and potentially impact thousands of lives globally.

Currently, Claire is focussing her attention on her own community, which is supporting the ever increasing number of business leaders who are building Facebook Groups without support and with only limited knowledge about community building. Claire understands that Facebook Groups are one of the easiest ways currently to build a community to support your business objectives but she is saving her clients time and resources by sharing her strategies to build an engaged group which can see a return on investment. She is also advising on the pitfalls of relying just on this platform and has a method which can move her clients through a process where at the end of it they have an engaged owned community, which supports their business goals and outstrips traditional marketing overtime.

C is for Culture.
C is for Community.
C is for Communication.
C is for Connection.
C is for Collaboration.
C is for Commitment.
C is for Claire.

C is for Contact. She’d love to hear from you.

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